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8. – 15. 11 2013

The journey to Brno main railway station passed by smootly and without problems. Even I found a place at the parking lot which is usually overcrowded. I had enough time before the train arrival. Glancing at the timetable to get info about platform the train from Wienna pull in , fluently, without haste I was proceeding to platform Nr 4 where I  was going to snatch up two students I came for. Oddly enough the train had arrived a little bit sooner and all passengers scattered up at the spavious lounges of the railway station. Running back to arrival-departude lounge in stampede, I sticked a ‘‘ NATO Course Vyskov‘‘ tag on my breast so that it would be clearly visible to passerby who I am searching for. Having made a few calls to my chief and waiting on another hour at the station, finally, I was addressed by two English speaking chaps. And suddenly everything was all right.

Conducted by lady winter

The first iteration of the Pre-deployment course for NATO Civilians was determined on 15th – 22nd March 2013 and we are tempted to take it as a spring phase. But all course participants including lecturers and instructors felt the reing of lady winter on their own skin.

„Unhappy“ thirteen versus „happy“ seven

It is not so far away as we welcome the new year 2013. The span since the 1st January to the first days of spring entails the preparatory days full of stuff arrangement and material and services procurement for the Pre-deployment course for NATO civilians.

Pre-deployment training in 2013

There are four sessions scheduled for the year 2013. The dates are:

15 – 22 March 2013 TDD-U3-0028

21 – 28 June 2013 TDD-U3-0030

6 – 13 September 2013 TDD-U3-0031

8 – 15 November 2013 TDD-U3-0032

A Week Under Surveillance

Special Courses Development Section of Training Command- Military Academy traditionally organizes Pre-deployment Courses for NATO Civilians with their beginning in spring months.
Twenty-fourth iteration was hold in March 21 – 28 2012.
The members of  Special Courses Development Section could welcome not only students from various institution and organization of NATO for whom this type of course is mandatory before their deployment, but also instructors from Canada and Germany who came to Vyškov to get experience and might to check up the course running.

New Year, new Chief, new Joining instructions

As newly appointed Special Courses Development Section Chief I take opportunity to wish all our “old” and future participants all the best in 2012. I wish you the worst mission experience was the only one you meet in our course.


The last IED blast faded away slowly, the last grain of rice was eaten up and there is no left over of Afghan tea in the kettle. The last student stepped into the trap of mine field and the last cartridge went off while the coalition forces liberated hostages.

The last NATO Civilians Pre-deployment Course organized in 2011 finished.

A Tiny Anniversary May 2011

On the 11th of April 2007 the first participants of the “NATO Civilian Pre-Deployment Course” stepped for the first time on to the ground at Vyškov Garrison. 22 members from various NATO headquarters and agencies, 22 students from different countries in Europe and North America commenced a new type of course at the Military Academy in Vyškov. The participants of the course underwent a block of introductory lessons, instruction and practical training that was necessary for the safe and successful deployment to NATO missions and operations all over the world.

The First Swallows

   In the same way we expect the first messengers of the spring we were expecting the first participants of the NATO pre-deployment course 2011. In the term of March 16 till March 22  38 members of NATO agencies and commands participated in Training Command – Military Academy Vyškov in lessons and training that can be useful for them during deployment abroad.

A New Year - A New Training Preparation

    Allow us to welcome you in the new training year. After a short break during winter the Special Preparation Courses Section of the Training Department of the Training Command – Military Academy is fully busy with 2011 NATO Civilians Pre-deployment courses preparation.

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