„Unhappy“ thirteen versus „happy“ seven

It is not so far away as we welcome the new year 2013. The span since the 1st January to the first days of spring entails the preparatory days full of stuff arrangement and material and services procurement for the Pre-deployment course for NATO civilians.

The era – 2013 – in its´ mainstay comprises of digits that are perceived in general knowledge as unhappy. Considering that the year 2013 is already the 7th consecutive year in which Traning Command-Military Academy Vyškov provides NATO civilian employees with pre-deploymnet course, stands for a happy and succesful season.

Seven years have been devoted to preparation, education and training of NATO civil employees who have been assigned to be deployed to the myriad UN peacekeeping and assistant operations wherever their assistance has been operationally imperative.

The number of the Pre-deployment course students´ is approaching to 900. In a month – on March 15, 2013 – we are going to welcome another party of the representatives from the whole Europe. The agents from wide range of NATO institutions and organizations will come to Vyškov to be conveyed vast experience and expert skills which anable them to exercise their job professionally, while respecting the host nation traditional and culture habits, religious and social norms and rules with dignity and consideration.

Members of Special Courses Development Section