A brief overview of spring portion of NATO Civilans Predeployment Course

Based on agreement between NATO HQ Brussels and CZ TRADOC, three sessions of NATO Civilian Predeployment Course had took place this year already.

If the Military Academy Vyškov succesfully trained 78 participants during three iterations, it  has been 108 NATO civilians so far this year in the same amount of runs. Due to the fact that another two sessions will take place in autumn, this number will significantly increase. This increasement of numbers of trained personnel shows, that the course is undoubtedly running well and maintains high level of quality. The vast majority of the course graduates has been already deployed or is awaiting deployment in upcoming weeks.

Facts about a job well done by MA Vyškov are simple a and clear: the course graduates explain their satisfaction with the quality of training and by sharing their personal experience from their actual deployment, they help the course management to maintain and even improve the quality level of the course content. This feedback is extremely valuable in terms of improving the contents of both practical and theoretical part. The course management would like to encourage as many students to share their opinions and experience by contacting the Course Staff via info@predeploymentcourse.com . Each following course can profit form the experience of deployed graduates from previous courses based on implementation of the „live experience“ from real mission  into the course programme. The autumn 2008 courses will benefit from this as well.