A Tiny Anniversary May 2011

On the 11th of April 2007 the first participants of the “NATO Civilian Pre-Deployment Course” stepped for the first time on to the ground at Vyškov Garrison. 22 members from various NATO headquarters and agencies, 22 students from different countries in Europe and North America commenced a new type of course at the Military Academy in Vyškov. The participants of the course underwent a block of introductory lessons, instruction and practical training that was necessary for the safe and successful deployment to NATO missions and operations all over the world.

After four successful years of courses, again on the 11th (but this time May) 2011, we were honored to welcome another group of 37 participants from various NATO commands and agencies. Thanks to their participation on the twentieth course they have now contributed to the overall sum of 669 personnel who have now been taught and trained on this type of course here in Vyškov.     The courses would seem to follow one another, but each course is unique. The content of lessons and training is standardized, though up-to-date aspects from current NATO peacekeeping missions and operations and new issues that could contribute operational effectiveness and military forces safety have been added.

This unique project, which was unprecedented at the time in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, was launched four years ago. Theoretical, demonstrations and practical training are given in English which is demanding for both specification and language preparation of the instructors. With the exception of radio communications, which is lectured by a native speaker, the rest of the subjects and topics are lectured by members of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and the use of English as the target language is a great challenge for them.

We wish the students and instructors plenty of energy and success for incoming courses.