A Week Under Surveillance

Special Courses Development Section of Training Command- Military Academy traditionally organizes Pre-deployment Courses for NATO Civilians with their beginning in spring months.
Twenty-fourth iteration was hold in March 21 – 28 2012.
The members of  Special Courses Development Section could welcome not only students from various institution and organization of NATO for whom this type of course is mandatory before their deployment, but also instructors from Canada and Germany who came to Vyškov to get experience and might to check up the course running.
Capt Lyle W. Read, instructor from PSTC in Kingston, Ontario (Peace Support Training Centre), a representative of  the centre that supports the intellectual development and training of Canadian Forces, members from other government departments, and international audience.
SMSgt Ralf Felka and MSGt. Jens Henning from NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen where „refresher“ courses of pre-deployment  are hold to provide its participant up-dated and deeper information from the theatre.
All instructors were attending theoretical part of the course and they took part of the training field. They were also presented during the final evaluation where student were able to express their opinions and remarks to the course running.
In comparison with the previous courses iteration the current one underwent partial changes.
The agenda of the course couldn’t be swapped because this is done by HQ NATO in Brussels, but the inner educational process of theory was restructured and  practical field disciplines of medical care and check point position were shifted. Also a task for student where they are trapped in „mine field“ was cut out and compensated by a lesson at Methodical Centre of Engineer Service where students were enabled to search through various type of earth surface with the aim to secure the space against mines and IEDs and ensure safe proceeding for whole group of mates. 
The final festive ceremony in Theatre Hall in chateau Slavkov was perceived by everyone as icing on the cake. Students got their certificates and memorial coins with symbol of Military Academy from hands of Deputy Commander of Training Command -Military Academy Col Rudolf Honzák, and Training Department Chief Col Karel Klinovský. 
As distinguished guest we were honored to welcome Deputy Mayor of the town Slavkov Mr. Jiří Doležel, Deputy Director of Slavkov chateau Mr. Jiří Blažek, instruktor from PSTC Capt Capt Lyle W. Read, instructors from E3-A SMSgt Ralf Felka and MSGt. Jens Henning, instructor from Defense Language Institute Mr. Davie Ure.
The following day we saw off all students with the wish of safe and serene trip home and all the best in prospective deployment, and slowly started another preparation for May course of NATO civilians.