Conducted by lady winter

The first iteration of the Pre-deployment course for NATO Civilians was determined on 15th – 22nd March 2013 and we are tempted to take it as a spring phase. But all course participants including lecturers and instructors felt the reing of lady winter on their own skin.

25 civilians employees of the Aliance, including 6 ladies took part in 28th iteration of pre-dep training. They were representatives of 12 european countries, the USA, Canada and Turkey, delegates of 10 NATO agencies and organizations.

The scheme of the course underwent no changes in comparison with the last years. The students went through theoretic classes of mine awareness and IED, topography, survival, medical care and the first aid, CBRN nad force protection. They acquired cultural and gender awareness information and gain guideline in dealing and behaviour during negotiation with civil pouplation exploiting an interpretor service.

Follow-up 2 day field practise proved the students capabilities to exercise recepi and advice from theory in crisis situations  – providng the first aid at a car accident, at an IED attack towards their vehicle or in common wandering trouhg the terraing under topographic rules, with a mapt and azimuth.

Hardly anobody knows the students are expected to provide evaluation at the end of the course. That is why they must stay alert and vigilant from the first minute of the training to the last one. There is an evaluation form with achievement, method and time assesment with the scale of 1 to 5 where the 5 is the best value. Statistics maintained since the year 2011 shows us the average rating of the course is around 4 values.

Not only numerical evaluation is enabled. The students can express their suggestion regarding moduls, what topic should be deleted and what topic should be added to the course agenda.

We don‘t usually have a posibility to read the students‘ standpoints, however todays‘ article provide us with a few:


Traditionally, the ceremonial graduation was held in Chateau Slavkov-Austerlitz where students received the course certificate and memorial coin from Training Command-Military Academy chief of staff colonel Milan Marek and chief of Training Department colonel Karel Klinovský. The whole ceremony took place in presence of the town Slavkov and Chateau Slavkov representatives Mr. Jiří Doležel and Mr. Jiří Blažek.

All students left Military Academy following day and came back to their homes and workplaces.

The whole Special Courses Development Section team wish them success in their effort, safe stay in ther missions and happy retun home.