Course Staff recommends

Travel to Vyskov

Course Staff provides transport from Prague airport (a coach – 40 seats). Transport departs the airport at 11:00 hours to be able to arrive to Vyskov before 16:00 hours and enable the participants to get comfortably through in-processing. Those participants who get delayed are to travel on their own to Brno (there is good bus connection between Prague airport and Brno). Ideal option seems to be to arrive on Thursday, spend a night in Prague and use our coach in the morning.


Information on what equipment Course Staff provides and what to bring is included in Joining Instruction. Please note that we provide neither waterproofs nor boots. As the weather in Czech Republic can be rainy at any part of the year the participants are to bring their own waterproofs and boots good enough for 36 hours long outdoor training.


Please note that the participants are requested to be accommodated in camp. To that end it seems to be more sensible to arrange yourself long weekend after the course. The course daily routine will not allow you to be out of camp between 07:00 and 18:00 hours.

Travel from Vyskov

All participants are to attend the graduation ceremony which takes place between 17:00 and 18:00 hours on Thursday. The earliest possible departure therefore is after 19:00 hours by bus or by train from Brno. The Course Staff provides coach to Prague on Friday morning to bring the participants to Prague airport before 12:00 hours.