Course TDD-U3-003 succesfully finished

Course participants

This year´s third run of the NATO Civilian Predeployment course was succesfully finished by issuing the Certificates of training to the course participants. The ceremony was honored by the presence of BG František Maleninský, CZ Training and Support HQ COM and MG Karl-Heinz Münzner, the Director of NAMSA.

Besides the graduation ceremony held in festive atmosphere which filled up the Slavkov Chateau, there was a time to get the students´opinions on the course and the mutual exchange of opinions continued in the King Jan´s restaurant in Vyškov, where the students´ farewell with Military Academy, CZ TRADOC and of course with the instructors and lectors took place.

Having a half-year remaining to the beginnig of the next course, the course leadership will be evaluating the students´ inputs given through the Course critique questionnaires and will try to implement them into the preparation process of the next course.