How was year 2008?

To answer that question, we have to say that whether year 2007 was a probation period, then year 2008 was a keystone of capacities and capabilities of the Military Academy Vyškov. Did the Academy succeed?

Let´s speak in facts: growth of number of students – 181 graduates in 5 iterations. With 78 graduates from year 2007 included, we have prepared 259 NATO civilians for their deployment. The overall rating of lectures has been growing course from course, which represents the fact that MA Vyškov staff can promptly react on the students´ comments and evaluation by implementing them into the lectures and field training content. Speaking of close mutual co-operation between the Academy and NATO HQ, lecturers from NATO HQ participate on some areas of the theoretical part of the course (Current NATO ops lecture). Compared with the 2007 courses, this year´s field training and its scenario had changed.

The preparation team does not want to rest on laurels, so next year´s participants will most likely experience a couple of changes. We are confident that these changes will be changes for the better and we hope that participants of TDD U3 009 – the very next course, will confirm that.

We wish all 2008´s graduates a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or at home or deployed.

Foreign Specialists Training Section of the Military Academy Vyškov