Welcome to the web pages on the NATO Civilians Pre-deployment Course conducted by the Army of the Czech Republic in Training Command – Military Academy Vyškov.

The course results from a request from the International Staff of NATO HQ for national assistance to prepare international civilian personnel who will deploy on NATO Council-approved operations and missions.

The aim of the “NATO Civilians Pre-deployment Course” (Code: TDD-U3) is to provide NATO civilians with the knowledge and practical skills needed to deploy safely and successfully in support of NATO operations and missions, wherever they may be.

Course Structure

  • Day 1 – Arrival, In-processing, Icebreaker.
  • Day 2-5 – Lessons giving theoretical knowledge and some basic practical skills in a variety of subjects (7-8 units per day).
  • Day 6 – Field Training (over night In Log-Cabin Camp).
  • Day 7 – Field Training, Out-processing, Closing Ceremony.
  • Day 8 – Departure.