The last IED blast faded away slowly, the last grain of rice was eaten up and there is no left over of Afghan tea in the kettle. The last student stepped into the trap of mine field and the last cartridge went off while the coalition forces liberated hostages.

The last NATO Civilians Pre-deployment Course organized in 2011 finished.

TDD-U3-023 NATO Civilians Pre-deployment course, the fifth iteration of the year 2011 was held in the term of 19th – 26th October. Twenty-five students of Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, English, Scottish, Dutch, Danish, Canadian and US nationality from NATO agencies such NC3A, NSA, JFC Brunssum, 1 NSB, 3NSB, NATO HQ, NAMSA exploited the last opportunity to take part in the pre-deployment course and increase their chance to successfully survive during their deployment in ISAF, African countries and other mission in various corner all over the Earth.

The pre-deployment course offers their participants theoretical information in the field of topography, force protection, medicine care and first aid, IED and mine awareness, survival, CBRN protection, radio communication, cultural awareness and gender perspectives.

Knowledge acquired or brushed up during classroom lessons are followed-up with the two days practical field training where student can try out theirs skills and dexterity.

Whole bundle of students are use to be split into five groups and these have to cope with the fire extinguishing, providing the first aid to the injured at a car accident, to use overall acumen to diplomatically negotiate their pass through an Afghan village, exploit all knowledge and natural dexterity to escape from the mine field trap and must be patient and tolerant enough when come across the “friendly looking” locals on the check point and want to proceed their mission without any harm or sufferings. Whole trip in the field territory occurs under map and azimuth and overall communication is coordinated trough radio that means student have to deal under proper signal rules. In the end of particular module task students´ decisions and solution are evaluated by instructors. The field training comprises also of a trap for students. Kidnapping follows the ambush on students which leads to the psychological oppression and result in psycho analysis of students’ behaviour during confinement.

After the whole mission is carried out there is time for solemn graduation. The final ceremony of NATO Civilians Pre-deployment Course is used to be held in the beautiful hall of Slavkov chateau.

The students from the latest course received their certificate and memorial coin from the hand of JFC Deputy Commander – Commander of Land Forces COL Štefan KALETA and Deputy Director of Training Command -Military Academy Col Rudolf HONZÁK.

Among the distinguished guest we could welcome Deputy Director of Slavkov chateau

Mgr. Jiří BLAŽEK.

There is nothing more than to say “Good luck and safe trip home” to students and as for instructors “lets’ prepare another course”.