New Year, new Chief, new Joining instructions

As newly appointed Special Courses Development Section Chief I take opportunity to wish all our “old” and future participants all the best in 2012. I wish you the worst mission experience was the only one you meet in our course.

Dear participants, colleagues, this year we will celebrate small anniversary which is completion of 25 NATO Pre-deployment Courses. It is our honor that we are providing for you for the period of 5 years, package of instructions, skills and knowledge how to survive in the field since 2007. We understand our course as vital body which is continuously updated and adjusted to the latest lessons learned knowledge. We learned from our students that they also work on their own set of “course awareness” which are disseminated among future students. In one of previous courses we found to our surprise, hand made map with field exercises stands, describing most dangerous points. And map was an excellent quality. It indicates two conclusions. First, that our topography instructor did a good job. And second, that course itself has an reputation not only in official papers but also among students. This is result we are proud of.

Let me inform in this regard all our students,  that effective from the next course we made substantive changes in field exercise… and we are looking forward for other maps.

Please find our updated joining instructions and read them carefully. Once being in the field raincoat is always better than plastic bag…


Special Courses Development Section Chief

Training Command – Military Academy Vyškov
Czech Republic