TDD U3 009

37 students, 37 certificates of achievement. A picture like this could be seen in Austerlitz Chateau on late afternoon of 24th March. The graduates, whose total number after 9 iterations climbed up to third hundred (296) finished their course. The course structure remains the same as on the previous courses, but the content has been slightly changes. Some of the lectures have been turned into e-learning courses and the time gained was used to extend the timeframe for other topics.

The new model of the first part of the field training underwent a crucible test. The Course Officer, MAJ Adamec, adds: „Even we created the new model based upon requests from superior NATO bodies and comments of previous course graduates, we´ve been a bit under tension how the students will accept this new form. But on the course evaluation session, we´ve received first signals that we go the right way. The final arithmetic evaluation confirmed that – the average rating of „Field training, Day 1“ had raised by 0.5 point.“

The fact that the course is valued by the NATO structures and agencies was proven by presence of Mr.Alfred Mikolaschek, Portfolio Manager for the “Directorate of Sponsor Account, NATO and Nations“ NATO C3 Agency on the graduation ceremony.

The course staff knows, that the course is a living body and being so, it must continue in its development and must be „mission-tailored“. Not only for this purpose, please use the contact form.

We very appreciate your inputs and we look forward to see the April´s iteration participants soon.