Warm-up lap of this year´s Predeployment course series is over

Since monday morning, the trainees underwent several traps based on the field training scenario. Its aim was to prepare them for situations which the students can experience (we hope that they will not) during their deployment.

The field training had a brand new face this year – the primary goal was to simulate a real Forward Operational Base and life on it. This included an overnight stay in the Cabin Camp in the MTA Březina completely turned into a FOB with 24/7 guarding. From there the course participants headed after their „mission tasks“.

On Tuesday, the last day of the course, the trainees received their Certificates of training. This time they were given them from hands of MGen Ladislav Minařík, DCOM CZ Joint Forces. The Canadian deleagtion from CF JSC HQ Kingston, Canada, led by COL Neville Russell was also present at the ceremony. On behalf the students, Dr. Walter Kaffenberger thanked the course management for a job well done.

Based upon a traditional scenario, a small farewell party was held at the end of the day. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, there could be heard a lot of words of praise, as well as some useful comments from the students.

Using Formel 1 terminology, the april part of the Course was a warm-up lap for this year´s series of Predeployment courses. There is no winner in this lap on the circuit, but in Vyškov -everyone was a winner.

See you on the starting grid of TDD U3 005!