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As a response to frequent requests the accommodation block is now furnished with WiFi Internet Access.

We also learned that the Meeting Point pillar at the airport is now all covered with different adverts. Please note that it is located right opposite the Coffee Heaven (Terminal 2).

Joining Instructions 2010

Training Command – Military Academy is ready and looking forward all the participants of five sessions scheduled for 2010. In order to assist you in your preparation please find attached the updated Joining Instructions.

Course No 13 – Mission Completed

On 20 October 2009 31 graduates took over their certificates – proof of successful completion of the NATO Civilians Pre-Deployment Course, run number 13. The certificates were handed to them by Commander, Training Command – Military Academy Vyskov, Colonel Jaromir Zuna, and Assistant Secretary General – Executive Management Mr. Douglas Dempster.

Course Staff Highlights

To all those who plan to use our coach from the Prague airport to Vyskov – please note that the Meeting Point is located inside the airport block near the corner between terminals 2 a 1, closer to T 2. The coach departs the airport at 11:00 hrs. We are happy to wait for delayed flights for maximum 30 minutes. Those participants who come later, can either book themselves a rental car or use the bus line from the airport to Brno (Student Agency for instance) and we will arrange for pick up from Brno.

TDD U3 009

37 students, 37 certificates of achievement. A picture like this could be seen in Austerlitz Chateau on late afternoon of 24th March. The graduates, whose total number after 9 iterations climbed up to third hundred (296) finished their course. The course structure remains the same as on the previous courses, but the content has been slightly changes. Some of the lectures have been turned into e-learning courses and the time gained was used to extend the timeframe for other topics.

A few words for the beginning

As every spring since year 2007, the preparations for NATO Civilians Predeployment Course series are finishing. Every year, the course preparation and the course content itself are changing again. The preparation team based the changes on a results of a meeting with HQ NATO representatives held in Brussels on 29th January 2009. The first part of the course was slightly modified towards practically oriented modules, but the biggest changes touched mostly the practical part of the course, the field training.

Good luck in 2009

ChristmasThe staff at Vyskov training base wish you a joyful Christmas and a successful new year.

How was year 2008?

To answer that question, we have to say that whether year 2007 was a probation period, then year 2008 was a keystone of capacities and capabilities of the Military Academy Vyškov. Did the Academy succeed?

Almost finishing

In less than a week, the Vyškov Garrison will be honored to welcome participants of last this year´s iteration of NATO Civilians Predeployment Course.

After four iterations so far, this session will be manned to its full capacity. The course staff is expecting 40 participants from 13 NATO countries and 10 different NATO HQs and agencies.

NATO Secretary General Appreciated ACR

NATO Secretary General Appreciated ACR

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