Codename TDD U3 004

On Wednesday, Apr 9th, the Vyškov garrison had welcomed 39 participants of this year´s first course. After initial formalities the trainees were greeted by Vyškov Garrison leadership represented by TRADOC Director COL Zůna and TRADOC Training Dept. Head COL Klínovský. Both officials wished all the best to the course participants.

Course TDD-U3-004

This year´s first course is in the last phase of preparations. The capacity of the course will be fully used. From 9th April till 16th April 2008 we expect 40 students from NATO member countries and we believe, that the quality of the course has slightly risen again. See you in Vyškov!

Course TDD-U3-003 succesfully finished

Course participants

This year´s third run of the NATO Civilian Predeployment course was succesfully finished by issuing the Certificates of training to the course participants. The ceremony was honored by the presence of BG František Maleninský, CZ Training and Support HQ COM and MG Karl-Heinz Münzner, the Director of NAMSA.

Next Course TDD-U3-003

The next course has been approved to take place from 3 October through 10 October 2007.

Second Course TDD-U3-002

Second Course TDD-U3-002

After successful completion of the second course we are evaluating the lessons learned and collecting ideas and proposals to improve both the course programme and administration.

Col Karel Klínovský, Chief of Training, and Maj Adamec, Course Officer, are going to attend a meeting held in Brussels next week to discuss the dates and content of the courses for next year.

Visit - Mr. Douglas Dempster

Mr. Douglas Dempster, Assistant NATO Secretary General for Executive Management, visited Vyškov on Tuesday, 17 April 2007, to take part on the graduation of the first run of NATO Civilians Pre-deployment Course.

Our honourable guest got introduced to the content of the Course and, after the discussion with the participants, expressed his thanks to the TRADOC and Military Academy personnel for their contribution to the training of the NATO civilians.

Inprocessing and the 1st Day of Training

Inprocessing and the 1st Day of Training

The Course has been officially opened by Brigadier General František Maleninský, Director TRADOC Vyškov, who has welcomed the Course participants from Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Hungary, USA, and Netherlands.

During his address to the participants he introduced key personalities and instructors in charge to individual areas of trainin

Entering the Course TDD-U3-001


On Wednesday of April the 11th we have welcomed 22 participants of the first run of the NATO Civilians Pre-Deployment course to the Vyskov garrison.

They are civilians working for different NATO agencies and HQ in Europe and North America.

The special one-week course is focused on basic rules of deployment to the areas of crisis where the Alliance deploys its units.


Office Call to Director TRADOC

LTC Angel Valcarcel from ATC Norfolk, U.S.A., Dr. Jacopo Siani from JFC Naples, Italy, and Mr. Hans Voets from JFC Brunssum, Netherlands, visited the Vyskov Garrison during 27. – 28. 02. 2007.

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